Expert Advantage Recommended Reads: April 23, 2012

1. To begin I would like to give a shout out to a new blogger, Jon Roy (@jonroy16), a golf coach with the Golf Association of Ontario. In this post, he gives a wonderful description of the differences he has observed between high performance athletes and lesser skilled participants – not on their scorecards, but in their work ethic. I highly recommend this article: “Becoming rather than being“.

2. There has been much attention recently on brain plasticity and how brain structure can change which appropriate practice (see Norman Doidge’s “The brain that changes itself” for a fascinating account of this research). This article from Science Daily (@sciencedaily)discusses some sport specific research in this area, showing structural differences in the brain between professional speed-skaters and non-exercisers. Click here to read “Skaters’ brains: Specialized Training of Complex Motor Skills May Induce Sports-Specific Structural Changes in Cerebellum“.

3. In this article, basketball coach Brian McCormick (@brianmccormick) shares some observations on how children spontaneously place themselves in challenging situations, and how children’s and parents views of competitiveness differ. Click here to read “Parents’ and Players’ Concept of Competitiveness“.

4. This link comes from one of my favourite websites at the moment “Expert Enough” (@expertenough). Although some examples refer to the academic setting, the same principles can easily be applied to the sport environment. Check out “Everything you thought you knew about learning is wrong“.

5. To finish, here is something short and sweet, but a great message from strength and conditioning coach, Matt Smith (@coachmattsmith): “Coach the athlete, not the exercise“. Thanks to Ian McKewon (@IanMackers) for directing me to this link.


About Pathways to the Podium Research Team

The Pathways to the Podium Research Team consists of: Ms. Melissa Hopwood, PhD Candidate, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Dr. Joe Baker, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Dr. Clare MacMahon, School of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Dr. Damian Farrow, Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
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